15 Ways To Practice Self-Care


e’ve all been there; overwhelmed by the stress of work or studies, feeling cluttered and messy in our lives, minds and spaces. Taking care of your mental health is quintessential to maintaining every other aspect of your life. Next time you feel like you need to take a step back from life, try implementing a handful of these tips into your day.

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Rekindle an old hobby

Remember to make time for things that you genuinely enjoy. It can be as simple as cooking a meal or getting creative with your old watercolor set.

Practicing Self-Care is a Good Habit

Go outside

Leave your phone at home, or turn it on airplane mode. Disconnect from work and social media, and just enjoy the silence. You don’t always need to be doing something, sometimes its good to just be.


Meal prep on a Sunday night

You have time. Yes, you do. Meal prepping will save you time (and money). It will also help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Not only will it make you feel on top of your day, it will also make your body feel good. Win, win.

Listen to inspiring podcasts

Turn off your music, and swap it out for a TED Talk. Knowledge is something no one can take away from you.


Get into the habit of drinking water

Swap out a breakfast juice or coffee for a tall glass of water. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to drink just plain water, infuse the water with some lemon slices or berries. Your body (and skin!) will thank you for keeping it hydrated.

Practice Gratitude

Write a list of the people and things in your life that add a little bit of happiness to the day. This can be as small as the barista who makes your coffee in the morning or ordinary as the sun that woke you up in the morning. Learning to recognize the good in every day will help you not to take them for granted.


Buy yourself flowers

You absolutely do not need to wait for someone else to buy them for you. Yes, it is definitely ok to have your favourite bunch of blooms delivered to your house.

Treat yourself

Indulge in your favorite treat. Keeping healthy is all about balance, its ok to eat “cheat foods” as long as it’s done in moderation.


Create a skincare routine

It doesn’t need to be 16 steps long, or take an hour to complete. Find what works for your skin, and stick to it (even when you’re tired and just want to go to sleep after a long day). Do a face-mask, moisturize with your favorite yummy-smelling lotion and be kind to your skin.


Start your mornings with a clear mind. Take 10 minutes out to get it all down, don’t be afraid to write what you’re really feeling. Treat your journal like a best friend, you’ll feel so much better after its all out there on a page. I guarantee.


Take a long bath

Light a candle, grab that book you’ve been meaning to read for the last 6 months, and make yourself a cup of your favorite tea.

Turn off your technology

Set aside a day when you turn off your phone and laptop completely. Put them in a drawer, and don’t give into the temptation to “just check your feed for a minute”. The more often you do it, the more you’ll realize how beneficial it is to be disconnected.


Do something kind for someone else

Self-care isn’t always just about what you do for you, it’s also about what you do for others. Kindness costs you nothing. Remember that how you treat others is a reflection of how you treat yourself.

Learn a new skill

Sign up for a weekend pottery class, or watch a YouTube tutorial on calligraphy writing. Never stop learning, no matter how old you are.


Change your environment

This could be as simple as cleaning desk, re-arranging furniture or culling out your wardrobe of clothes you no longer wear. Changing your workspace or room around will ensure you stay inspired and on top of your day.

Photography & Words: Michaela Taylor