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round here, we believe in eating food that makes your soul happy – while fueling your body, slaying your fitness goals, making it practical to eat well when you’re on the run.

To get you started, this guide has 15 of my very favorite recipes:

  • The completely healthy (and delicious) pancakes I can’t live without (pg 15)
  • My favorite make-ahead, “to-go” breakfast (pg 13)
  • The quick & tasty stir-fry that keeps me going mid-week (pg 26)
  • My go-to chocolate treat for when I need a guilt-free pick-me-up (pg 34)
    hint: it’s packed with protein, good fats, and healthy fiber
  • Plus 11 more yummy dishes to keep you rockin’ on your way to your strongest, sexiest self ❤️

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What else is inside?

Glad you asked!

Free Recipes by Paola Marquez
  • Inside this guide are 15 delicious recipes:
  • The right breakfasts to kickstart your day and boost your energy levels
  • Hearty, yummy meals to fuel up your body from lunch through dinner
  • Guilt-free, all-awesome treats, to indulge your sweet tooth while smashing your goals
Free Recipes by Paola Marquez
More Free and Yummy Recipes by Pao's Fit World
  • Macros breakdowns for every recipe, so you know *exactly* what you’re putting into your body
  • At-a-glance recipe key, so you can quickly find the meals that fit your diet (Vegan, Paleo, Grain-free, Nut-free, Dairy-free, and more)
  • A full shopping list, broken down by grocery aisle, so you can quickly check-off what you have on hand and see what you need to pick up
  • And all my love and support (you can find that on IG as well 😉

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