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Get the body you want

without giving up the food you love

That’s the beauty of flexible eating...

You can have your best results and your favorite food too!


Hey you!

Yea, you! Let’s talk about food for a minute...

Do you know the #1 complaint most women have when I ask them about their challenges?

Hands down, it’s getting their food right.

You *think* you're eating healthy, but you’re still struggling to meet your goals (whether that’s losing weight, burning fat, or adding muscle) - I’ve been there too.
You have these ideas about “good” and “bad” foods - and you let guilt and shame force you towards the wrong foods, because you think that’s what healthy means.
You think eating “right” means sticking to salad… and so give up when you act like humans and enjoy a cupcake.

NEWSFLASH! – Food is just numbers – Your Macros

And while you absolutely want to eat a well-rounded diet, so you’re getting all of the vitamins and nutrition your body needs, at the end of the day, your fitness goals hinge on three (3) things:

Tab 1

Your Carbs

Tab 2

Your Protein

Tab 2

Your Fats

These are your macros, and those 3 numbers are going to be different depending on your goals and needs.

So if that cupcake fits in your macros, and you want it? Eat it!

You’re really craving that broccoli-cheese soup in the sourdough bowl? If you’ve got room in your macros, eat it!

You’re eating salad every day, but your macros say you need more carbs? Get the pasta... You do you!

Counting Macros gives you the flexibility to...

Eat the food you like to eat. No guilt, just results!

Pick what to eat and when to eat it. Total control of your food

Choose the foods that make you feel your best every single day

Break free from binge eating once and for all

Say goodbye to that guilty feeling when eating something you like

Replace restrictive diets forever with a sustainable, sane eating method that’s fully tailored to YOU

Join 4,000+ women who have changed their lives thanks to #MacrosByPao

Here's what you get in a Customized Macros Consultation

Customized Set of Macros

Get the exact number of protein, carbs, and fats you need to eat to hit your goals

Direct Access to an Expert

Talk to a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

E-mail Support

Ask as many questions as you want within 72 hours after receiving your macros

Support Group

Get access to a Private Facebook Support group with 2,000+ members

Exclusive Guide

Expand your nutrition knowledge with a flexible dieting fundamentals ebook

Practical Food List

Kickstart your meal prepping with a practical food list categorized by macros

Here's how it works...

1. Check your Email

After ordering, you’ll get an email with links to access your goodies and an online form

2. Fill out the Form

Fill out the online questionnaire with your data and then submit it

3. Calculation is Done

I’ll review your info and then craft your personalized set of macros tailored to your needs

4. Get your Macros

You'll receive your custom macros within 3 business days after submitting the form

Ready to start eating the food you like without the guilt?

What #MacrosByPao women are seeing…




Got questions? I've got you...

What are Macronutrients or Macros?

Macronutrients are nutrients that provide calories or energy. There are three main classes of macros: proteins, carbs, and fats.

What is Flexible Dieting?

It’s a new way of eating where you count macronutrients instead of calories.

Flexible dieting gives you complete control over what you eat.

It will change your perception about nutrition since you will stop seeing food as good or bad but as macronutrients only.

I will tell you exactly how much protein, carbs and fat you should eat based on your specific needs.

How many macros breakdowns are included?

The plan comes with one (1) customized set of macros tailored to your needs and goals.

What if I'm completely new to flexible dieting and fitness?

I’ve got good news for you… Flexible dieting is for everybody!

It doesn’t matter whether you're just starting or if you're a seasoned athlete, flexible dieting will help you understand how to nurture your body in a mindful way to achieve your goals.

This could be losing weight, burning stubborn fat, building muscle, etc.

Ready to start counting what really matters? ...Your macros

Meagan Brown

"The results have been undeniable"

I would absolutely recommend this consultation to people. I was previously not eating how I should have been to achieve my goals but Paola seemed to know where I should be and with the changes in macros and calories the results have been undeniable.

Stephanie Gregorc

"I couldn't be happier with my results"

Now that I have been using Paola's macros for six full weeks, I couldn't be happier with my results and look forward to continuing my fitness journey with Paola's help!

Jenna Baughman

"This program will reshape how you look at food and yourself"

I would absolutely recommend this consultation to anyone who is serious about changing their life for the better. This program will reshape how you look at food and yourself!

Ashley Farina

"This has been an enlightening experience"

Since learning about Macros I have completely shifted the way I view food. I would definitely recommend this consolation and already have. This has been an enlightening experience that has set a foundation for a proper relationship with food.

You're one step closer to replacing restrictive diets for good...

Meet Your Coach

Hey, I'm Paola - your personal Macros Coach

I have helped thousands of women build their own beauty, find their “sexy,” and enjoy a truly sustainable, healthy lifestyle with my mentoring, coaching, and online programs.

My approach to fitness is unique because to me, it’s never enough to JUST focus on the food, or JUST the workout, if you’re not also nourishing the soul.

I STRONGLY believe that life is too short not to enjoy what you eat, and I believe that food is not just fuel for the body… But for the soul as well.

I believe in balance. That’s why, when I see people restricting calories, or cutting out entire food groups, their results often don’t last.

So I based my nutrition advice and mentoring on...

Flexible Dieting - which means we don’t cut out entire food groups unless you have a dietary restriction.
Sensible Macros Planning - which means we focus on fueling our bodies with what they crave to perform their best, and you know what? There’s almost always room to fit a doughnut in there when that’s what you’re craving!
Mindful Eating - Macros are a GREAT foundation, and some people stick with them for the long haul. And for others, they become the springboard to successfully eating intuitively.

I’m a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

And I’m a world-class Nutrition Expert, especially on the subject of (you guessed it) Macronutrient-based Flexible Dieting.
I’ve helped thousands of women, both in-person and online, create a happy healthy relationship with their bodies and their diets. Let me mentor you to become a healthy eater by using the power of macronutrients. Your future self is counting on you.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to that guilty feeling when eating something you like...