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Do you have questions?

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  • What is Pao's Fit World about?

    Pao’s Fit World is a fitness and lifestyle blog whose main purpose is to encourage and motivate people to live a healthy life while having fun in the process. Here you will find actionable fitness tips, effective workout programs, healthy recipes, sports fashion, and much more.

    It’s also a place where I share my knowledge and experiences as a personal trainer and fashion advocate.

  • How did you come up with the idea of Pao's Fit World?

    Fitness is not only my lifestyle but also my passion. In a nutshell, Pao’s Fit World is a name that encompasses the elements that define my dreams and reflect my personality.

    This website is a place to share my knowledge and to encourage people to join the healthy lifestyle that I love so much.

  • Where are you from?

    I was born in Venezuela and I moved to the U.S. some years ago. I live in Houston, TX where EVERYTHING is bigger. To know more about me and Pao’s Fit World, check this out.

  • What services do you offer as a Personal Trainer?

    I have two main programs:

    Strong & Sexy Body Method is a 12-week workout plan with everything you’ll ever need to get in shape. This program comes with weekly workout routines (6 workouts/week), customized macros breakdown, flexible dieting, cardio guidelines, high-definition videos of all exercises, supplementation tips, progress check-ins, and much more.


    Macros Consultation is a program for people who embrace flexible dieting as the way to go when it comes to fueling the body with the right food. This consultation will give you a customized macros breakdown tailored to your goals and needs, and a recommended food list. It’s perfect for people who want to know more about flexible dieting or for experienced athletes who are looking for expert advice on nutrition.


    I also offer personal coaching and training (gym sessions) to clients based in Houston.

  • What is Flexible Dieting?

    It’s a way of eating where you count macronutrients instead of calories. Flexible dieting will teach you how to eat properly depending on your body, goals, and personal preferences.

  • What do you mean by Macros Breakdown?

    Breakdown of each nutrient (protein, carbs, fat) your body needs to guarantee proper energy and endurance while you are exercising.

  • Are you open to collaborate with brands and other bloggers?

    Absolutely, I’m always keen to collaborate with brands and bloggers that fit my style and personal brand, and that add value to my audience/readers. #communityovercompetition

  • How many languages do you speak?

    I speak fluent English, Spanish, and French. Learning a foreign language is something I recommend to everybody. It’s a way of understanding other cultures and foremost, it’s a way of experiencing the world through words.

  • Are you married?

    Yes, I’m happily married to the best hubby in the world! We have been together for so many years and have shared so many experiences that I can only be grateful for having found my other half in this life.

  • What's your favorite food?

    I’m a chocolate and peanut butter lover.

  • What other hobbies do you have?

    I love traveling. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to go to many places, and I’m always hungry for more adventures. Traveling is a relaxing and eye-opening experience that everybody should experiment regularly.

    These are my favorite cities in the world so far:

    I will always love New York. Even since I was a child, I dreamed of NYC. The city means so much to me that my opinion is completely biased, so excuse my overexcitement every time I talk about this city, but NYC will always be my No. 1 destination. Love you, New York!!!

    Osaka (Japan), Budapest (Hungary), and London (England) fill my No.2, No.3, and No.4 spots.

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