Ready to uplevel your fitness? (Or breakthrough a plateau?)

Beautiful human, I have got you covered

(And you can do it without doubling your gym-time or getting crazy with your diet)


ey you!

If you’re reading this right now, chances are, you’ve been a part of the SSBM family long enough to know where I stand on getting results quickly without crazy diets or over-the-top workouts.

(If not, keep reading, and I’ll fill you in!)

But when you’re ready for your next level of results (or if you’ve hit a plateau), it’s easy to think that the only way to break through is to

  • Go harder
  • For longer…
  • Get more restrictive on your diet…
  • And double down.

If you’ve ever done that, raise your hand with me.

The burnout is real.

I’ve been there too!

That’s Why I Created SSBM2

(the second edition of the Strong & Sexy Body Method)

SSBM2 is an 8-week cardio and weights training program chock full of HD videos, motivational quotes to keep the vibes high, and over 50 complete workouts, designed to help you smash your next-level goals (or break the plateau that’s been holding you back).

SSBM2 Workout Guide Sample

Workouts that get results (in under 45 min)

Developed by a certified personal trainer & approved by thousands of women around the globe

Macros that fuel your body (like the Ferrari it is!)

Feel great & confident in your own skin and get the body you have always dreamed of

A lifestyle you will

With over 6,000 other Strong & Sexy Women to cheer you on

When I designed SSBM2 I had 2 types of fitties in mind:


Those who have done the original SSBM or another method and are ready to move up to the next level of results, intensity, and training


And those who have been working out for a while – either solo or with other programs – but feel like their visible results have plateaued or they just can’t seem to burn fat and lean out the way they’d like

If either of those are you,

I made SSBM2 especially for you. ❤

So What Makes SSBM2 So Great?

SSBM2 Workout Guide - Routines

130+ pages of Killer combo workouts to uplevel your fitness - fast

A combo of cardio + weights for quick, efficient workouts that target key muscle groups and burn fat while you build lean muscle

Leg-Day finishers for sexy, toned legs you’ll be dying to show off

Add these finishers to the end of your leg-day routine for maximum muscle growth (the one on Page 45 is EXTRA special ❤)

Multi-tasking Glute activation routines

Start of your leg day with these multi-tasking bonus routines to grow that booty, get the legs you have always wanted, and prevent injuries (Check ‘em out on Page 118!)

Mini Fat-burning Circuits

Need an extra boost? Use these at the end of your normal routine to ramp up your fat-burning results & improve endurance (wait til you see the one I’ve got in store for you on Page 23!- My FAVE!)

Complete Cardio Routines for Stairmaster, Elliptical, Treadmill, & HIIT

These cardio routines do double duty, building endurance AND targeting specific muscle groups, and they come with complete equipment settings, so you know exactly how to get the most from your workout

Warm-up and stretching routines

Use these routines before and after your workout to avoid injuries and shorten your recovery (Find ‘em with every workout!)

SSBM2 Workout Guide - Instructions

Rest intervals recommendations to maximize your results

Because different goals call for different rest strategies #themoreyouknow (Find ‘em on Page 9)

PR Tracking Sheets

Keep yourself accountable, on track, and motivated by tracking your progress over time (You’re going to be AMAZED at how far you go in 8 weeks! … Get started on Page 12!)

A cheerleader on every page

SSBM2 is chock full of my favorite Motivational Quotes to keep the vibes high and cheer you along the way (they’re all my fave, but you’ll want to pin the one on Page 24 to your mirror so you see it EVERY day)

Customized Support

Access to a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist (that’s me), along with periodic check-ins for all of your questions and support. Just send me an email any time. ❤

Access a Private Facebook Group of Thousands of other SSBM fitties!

– Ask questions and get answers right away
– Enjoy exclusive Strong & Sexy FB group discounts
– And get support from thousands of women who are building their own beauty!

Customized macronutrients breakdowns (SSBM2 Plus)

Specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals, because you can’t out-train a bad diet!

Of course, this workout guide also contains…

200+ different exercises

Say goodbye to boring, repetitive workouts & keep your body guessing what’s next for maximum results

At home alternatives for every routine

So you can always get a killer workout, no matter where life takes you!

Over 200+ HD videos

Shot from multiple angles for many exercises so you always have proper form and technique

Suggested equipment

Equipment lists, suggested weights, and reps for every exercise

Over 50 unique workouts!

In SSBM2, no two days are the same, so you’ll never get bored with your routine!

Step-by-step instructions

So you know exactly what to do every step of the way for EVERY workout

Introduction to flexible dieting

Including food list recommendations and the option for custom Macros

All wrapped up in 135+ pages of interactive PDF that goes with you anywhere you have an Internet connection.

No membership fees • No fuss • Once you have SSBM2, it’s yours forever!

The Body You’ve Been Waiting For is Just 8 Weeks Away…  Are You Ready to Rock It?

If You’re New to the Strong & Sexy Body Method, Here’s Some Love from the Original SSBM Family…

Ally Shaw @allywayfitness
Quinn Pape @quinnpape
Gabrielle Soliz @gabriellesoliz
Adaline Taquet @livefiercenutrition
Danielle McFadden
Erin Weinman

I am so GLAD that I bought Paola's SSBM program

I bought SSBM because I had been doing BBG for over a year and really needed a change in pace and was interested in a lifting program.

I am so GLAD that I bought your program! It really helped increase my motivation, strength and changed my mindset. Before your program, I was dreading my workouts. Now, I am really excited to workout and have seen a lot of physical change! But, the biggest change for me was my mindset. This was the first time it was actually easy to stick with a workout program and not burn out. I feel so much more positive about working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

I loved the layout! It was easy to follow and so helpful to click on the workout videos.

I discovered that I LOVE lifting and have learned so much! I feel great, and can't wait to start the program again.


After trying SSBM I rediscovered the love I have for fitness

I had been wanting to switch from cardio to weight training but I had no clue how to begin. I came across SSBM on instagram and loved what I saw, so I decided to give it a try.

This program helped me fall in love with fitness again. Before SSBM, I was stuck doing hours of cardio with little results. I dreaded going to the gym. SSBM gave me the courage and knowledge to being weight training and to not be afraid to go in with the "big guys" at the gym. I looked forward to my workouts every day, and didn't miss a single one! The daily guides kept me accountable and since each one was different, I was excited to see what was on the agenda for the day. When I began to enjoy my workouts again, I found regained the happiness that exercise used to give me. Macro counting was a big wake-up call for me. Although I had thought I was eating clean and healthy, I was eating WAY too many carbs. I find now that I am much more conscious of what I put into my body, and my cravings for carbs and sugar have significantly decreased.

I loved the routines the most. Each one was different, exciting, and gave me new ways to challenge myself. They were so easy to follow and since I was able to watch Paola complete each exercise, I always felt confident that I knew what I was doing. Best of all, the workouts were quick!

After trying SSBM I rediscovered the love I have for fitness. I learned how successful weight training can be, and although it is intimidating at first, it is much more fun than spending hours on the elliptical. I feel amazing now. I am still working on loving my body, but I have many more good days than bad days. I feel stronger and happier. I loved my first round of SSBM that I am starting round 2 next monday!

It is absolutely worth a try! The workouts are fun, engaging, and easy to follow. Paola is there with you every step of the way. She was always there to support me when I struggled and was the first one to cheer on my successes. SSBM helped me become not only become stronger but also happier and more self confident.

I'm basically jumping out of bed to do your guide!

Just sending a check in to let you know that it's going GREAT over here! So some random things happening, I'm basically jumping out of bed to do your guide! It's so fun to me! Every other workout was either so boring or too long. I truly enjoy your guide. As far as my macros go, boy oh boy was I over eating! My fat intake was probably 3 times what I'm eating now at least. Like really at the least! It's only been 3 days of counting macros and I already see a difference. Probably all the bloat vanishing from eating my weight in peanut butter. But regardless I'm liking it so far!

I also realized how much of my macros my protein smoothie was taking up. To be honest, the firat two days I felt completely famished. But I knew it was what I needed to do. Turns out, taking out my protein smoothie and replacing it with real whole food I'm feeling full and satisfied! It was a game changer today eating a meal post workout rather than drinking one.

I am truly so thankful for you. I'm getting the hang of this and can already feel how it'll allow me to live a balanced life and to gain more self confidence. Thank you for that.

I'm seeing amazing results. I've never felt so good in my skin!

I just wanted to reach you to thank you. I've almost completed my first round of S2BM and, in addition to your macro breakdown, I'm seeing amazing results. I've never felt so good in my skin and, to be honest, I never thought I would ever feel this way. I used to think that my body was meant to be skinny, that I wasn't able to put on muscles, that it was just like that and that there was nothing I could do about it. You helped me prove myself wrong and I'm so grateful for this. I can't wait to make further progress, THANK YOU!

I feel like I am getting in a great workout

The program has been amazing thus far. So far, my eating and counting macros are going well. I am going to try and mix up my meals during the week and I have found your food guide to be quite helpful on what I should stick to while shopping at the store. I feel great now so the scale does not matter as much to me.

As far as the exercises go, I love them! Before, when doing more cardio based training, it was so draining and I was extremely fatigued afterward. Now, I feel like I am getting in a great workout and I can feel it in those targeted muscles days after.

Overall, I love your program! Thank you!

I look forward to my workouts every day!

My favorite thing about SSBM is I look forward to my workouts every day. I love the schedule, the exercises and the difficulty-challenging but doable! They are easy to follow and you videos links on “how to” are awesome!

I am down 3 pounds and I can tell I look leaner. I am so much stronger too!! The other day I helped a friend with her daughter because she had thrown her back out and couldn’t move. It was pouring down rain so I grabbed the little girl and her huge/heavy/bulky car seat and ran to the car. It wasn’t even hard. I have a weak upper body and carrying my kids has always tired my arms quickly. This was a huge victory for me to do this with little effort!

I am excited to continue my progress and am loving my journey. I look forward to getting leaner and stronger. Now that I am actually counting my macros correctly I would like to do the proper macro re-evaluation in 3 weeks. Thank you for helping figure this all out!

And Here Are Some Transformations Photos to Go With Them!

SSBM Workout Guide FeedbackSamantha Schafer (@samanthaschaf)

“I bought SSBM because I Wanted to stay in shape while out of college while getting stronger.

The program helped me vary my workout while still keeping them not too long yet effective. I really liked the layout the best. It was very easy to follow. After trying SSBM I feel great and I can’t wait for SSBM2.

If I could tell someone thinking about buying the program, I would tell them that it is definitely worth the purchase and can help you immensely!”

SSBM Workout Guide Feedback from Belle MillerBelle Miller

“I wanted to find a workout regimen that was fun and challenging. But I also wanted to get my macros calculated to lose weight, as well.

SSBM helped give me confidence, balance, a new passion, and puts me in a better mood!

I loved the design of the workouts! I enjoyed the superset format, and the visual appearance of the workouts was impressive.

I discovered a renewed love for exercising and prioritizing my health and happiness. If you’re thinking about getting SSBM… absolutely sign up! Paola is the more encouraging person and cares about each person who joins the SSBM community! You will get results and make a friend along the way.”

Alexis - Meal PlanAlexis Gates (@alexissgates)

THESE are her results after completing my #S2BM workout program and following #MacrosByPao 🙌🏼

“I really enjoyed the Strong & Sexy Body Method!! And I love all of the support from Paola and the S2BM community.

Workout wise, I really like the routines and can feel myself not only getting stronger but also getting excited for my workouts again.

My stomach is definitely my biggest insecurity so seeing such changes after just 12 weeks is amazing!! Thanks for everything!”

So You’ve Heard Some Stories, You’ve Seen Some Transformations… How Do You Know if SSBM2 is Right for You?


s you can see from the stories above, SSBM is more than a workout program. It’s actually a life-changing blueprint that can transform not only your body, but your mindset as well. I designed it to help fitties like you stop seeing exercising as something you “have to do,” and instead look forward to it as something that you want to do for yourself.

It will change you from the inside out: Confidence, energy, feeling great in your own skin…  Your lifestyle will change for the better. If you let it.

So how do you know that SSBM2 is right for you?

If you’ve already done the original Strong & Sexy Body Method, SSBM2 is definitely for you. It’s the natural progression from where you are now. ❤

And if you’re not already part of this Fit Fam, here’s how to know if SSBM2 is where YOU belong:

  • You’ve already been hitting the gym 3-5 days a week with no results
  • You already tried several workout programs - maybe even weights + cardio - but never see the results you’re working for
  • You finally found a program that seemed to work for you… Only to hit a plateau right after
  • You’ve tried different workout programs but you couldn’t stick to them
  • You’ve been looking for the right exercise program that suits your busy lifestyle
  • You’ve tried different workout programs but the daily routines were too much to fit into your schedule

And you’ve…

  • Already been hitting the gym 3-5 days a week with no results
  • Already tried several workout programs - maybe even weights + cardio - but never see the results you’re working for
  • Finally found a program that seemed to work for you… Only to hit a plateau right after
  • Tried different workout programs but you couldn’t stick to them
  • Been looking for the right exercise program that suits your busy lifestyle
  • Tried different workout programs but the daily routines were too much to fit into your schedule

If that’s you… Then chances are, WE’RE for you! ❤

Are You Ready to Bust Through Your Plateau & Join This Fit Fam?

(Because we’re ready for you!)

Still Have Some Questions?

I’ve got answers 😉

  • Why is SSBM2 8 weeks and not 12 weeks like the original SSBM?

    The routines in SSBM2 were designed to be WAY more challenging than the original SSBM in order to accelerate your progress. Training at the intensity of  SSBM2 for 12 continued weeks would cause an overtraining to your body, which would hamper your results and make you hit a plateau. (Yes, over-training is a thing!)

  • Is this program suitable for all type of users from beginners to fitness enthusiasts?

    If you haven’t practiced or are new to weight lifting, I recommend starting with my original Strong & Sexy Body Method program because it will give you the right foundation to build your fitness with weight training.

  • Will I need a gym membership to complete the guide?

    Nope! All gym-based exercises have their own at-home alternative version so you can complete the guide at home with no gym membership (or take it on the road, if you’re a traveling fittie!).

  • What kind of equipment do I need to complete the program?

    That will depend on whether you’re planning to complete the program at home or at the gym. If you it’s at home, you will need dumbbells, a kettlebell, a jump rope, a bench, a barbell (optional because you can replace it with dumbbells), a stability ball and a medicine ball. If you’re planning to do the guide at the gym, most of them will have all the listed equipment.

  • How long do the workouts take?

    All the routines will take you approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on your fitness level.

  • What is Flexible Dieting?

    It’s a new way of eating where you count macronutrients instead of calories. Flexible dieting gives you complete control over what you eat. It will change your perception about nutrition since you will mostly stop seeing food as good or bad but as macronutrients only • If you choose to add the 2 Custom Macros Consultations to your SSBM2 Program, I will personally calculate exactly how much protein, carbs and fat you should eat JUST for you.

  • Do I need to follow Flexible Dieting while doing the program?

    If you’re not comfortable with tracking your macronutrient intake, then you don’t have to follow flexible dieting. However, for those people that want to follow this new way of eating to further improve the results, customized macro breakdowns, and macro reassessments based on client’s needs/goals are included in the program.

The Body You’ve Been Working For is Just
8 Weeks Away

If you’re ready to:

  • Experience energy that lasts throughout the day
  • Know how to properly nourish your body with no restrictions
  • Finally drop the struggle and find that beautiful word, “BALANCE” in your fitness routine
  • Feel so motivated you want to get up early before work and get your workout in!
  • Have the confidence to wear your swimsuit or hit the gym in a sports bra
  • Knock your fitness goals out of the park and PUSH yourself to reach your stretch goals
  • And if you’re ready LOVE the process along the way

Then what are you waiting for?

Say Yes to YOUR Strongest Body Today!