Morning Habits to Get Energized


o matter how much I wish I could just jump out of bed in the morning it realistically does not happen that often. Why is it so hard to wake up?! We feel tired, groggy, and on most days would probably rather hit snooze again then jump out of bed. I believe that physically getting out of bed is the hardest part, after that, I have some great tips to get energized first thing and ready to tackle the day!

Don’t Scroll!

I think lots of us (myself included at time) have the really bad habit of waking up and immediately looking at our phone, checking texts, then emails, then Instagram. We are waking up and immediately shining a bright unnatural light into our eyes which is probably not good and we are filling our brains with distraction. I challenge you to turn off your alarm and then leave the phone! Anyone who has text you overnight or sent an email can surely wait another 15 minutes to an hour for a response :)

Wash your face in the morning, or splash cold water

Not my favorite thing to do I’ll admit!! But it does feel good. In the evening I do a more thorough skin care routine but in the morning I like to do a cleanser with a cold water rinse followed by a toner. I feel refreshed immediately!

Start your digestion and wake up your body with 3 cups of water

Water in the morning is a must! After sleeping for 8 hours our bodies need to be rehydrated. I know this can feel hard, especially if you don’t feel thirsty in the morning. I sometimes don’t feel thirsty when I just wake up BUT after brushing my teeth I do! So if you have no craving for water in the morning try keeping a large glass by your sink and drink it after brushing your teeth. Bonus points if your morning water has cayenne pepper and lemon. Warning: it doesn’t taste very good with minty toothpaste!

Diffuse some citrus essential oils

Oils like orange and lemon are energizing and smell amazing! I love starting my diffuser before I begin to stretch, meditate, make breakfast, etc. The air is filled with beautiful smells and taking deep breaths helps to wake me up!

Make your first meal a healthy one which includes carbs, protein and fat!

Normal breakfast foods like bagels, toast, granola bars, and cereal tend to be high in carbohydrates and simple sugars. When we eat these foods first thing in the morning our blood sugar spikes up quickly since our stomachs are empty, this can lead to an energy crash just 1-2 hours later, not good! So I recommend included fat and protein as well as carbohydrate this helps slow the rate of digestion and keep us energized for longer!

Workout! Morning movement feels SO good!

You can include something simple like a 5-minute stretch, or a more rigorous training like a workout in the gym. Many people find that if they don’t get their workout in in the morning they are less likely to do it throughout the rest of the day so it might be worth a try!

Get sunlight

Our natural circadian rhythms are impacted by true natural light. Standing in front of a window or outside for a few deep breaths not only feels amazing but also signals the hormones in your body that is time to wake up. I like to do 3-5 sun salutations outside on the step or in front of a window. It feels reallllllyyyy nice! 


I’m not saying you should rely on caffeine to wake you up but I do love my habit of making a matcha in the morning. Traditionally it is a very therapeutic and structured practice. I find it relaxing and rewarding. Plus these drinks can be boosted with amazing foods like collagen, ghee, MCT oil, mushroom powders, etc.

Plan your day

After my morning routine, I take a few minutes to review my to-do list, prioritize the most important items and then make a plan for my day! After this, I feel much more organized and motivated and ready to kill the day! 

Let me know what wakes you up most in the morning? Is it one of my 7 tips or maybe something different like a cold shower or blasting dance music? I’d love to know!