How to Stay Energized All Day Long

How to Stay Energized All Day Long

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t’s no secret that I work a lot! I do it because I LOVE it. But in order for me to work long hours I have to take care of my body and stay energized even through the midday slump. Whether you are working at a desk all day, you’re a student, a server, in retail, an entrepreneur or a busy Mom I hope this blog post helps you.

You know when 3 or 4pm hits and you’re just ready for a nap? ! I don’t believe this is something we have to suffer through as humans! When I take care of my body optimally that usually doesn’t happen for me! Here are some of the habits I’ve created to help me stay focused and energized for the most productive days!

Move your body

I think you knew I was going to say this! It doesn’t matter what time of day you work out, just move your body when it feels good for you! Exercising lowers our stress hormone, cortisol, and releases endorphins which make us feel happy and energized. Putting on a cute fitness outfit like my favorite REI Co-op Active Pursuit Tights from REI always give me the motivation to get moving.  Rain or shine I try and get out of the house to workout 6 days a week!

Eat healthy all day

One of the main reasons we feel a drop in energy in the afternoon is based on what we had for lunch. If you have a high sugar/high carbohydrate meal your blood sugar will naturally spike. Then a few hours later it drops. If you had a morning coffee the caffeine will also be fully worn off around this time and both of those things together make us feel sleepy. I try and eat balanced meals all day, making sure I keep my protein up! I save any dessert and treats for later in the day!

Get 8 Hours of Rest at Night

I think it goes without saying that we can’t be awake without having sleep!! It can be hard to get 8 hours of sound sleep a night. Many adults average about 5-6 hours of sleep but just being in bed, relaxing, with no screens on for 8 hours has almost the same benefits! So even if you are sleeping only 6 hours but in bed for 8 you will still have 8 hours of benefits!

Having Small Power-Naps

Speaking of getting sleep, taking naps is another good option! Personally, I don’t like naps! Maybe I’m crazy I don’t know. With naps, I find that it is crucial to find the sweet spot of sleeping long enough to feel energized but not sleeping too much and ending up feeling more tired! For me, I haven’t found that balance! Plus, I am able to get about 8 hours of sleep at night, so I don’t feel like I need to nap! What’s your nap sweet spot? Have you got it down to a science?

Enjoy Fresh Air Daily!

A few deep breaths of fresh air always make me feel amazing! The mornings are still a bit chilly, I come down the kitchen, start the kettle, toss on my Rangelands fleece crewneck sweater and  take a step out outside to take 5 deep breaths before starting my day. Later in the day I try to get outside and go for a walk even if it’s just around the block, or to get lunch, or run an errand. This Trailsmith Anorak in forest green has me feeling all the spring vibes! The extra movement plus the fresh air makes me feel SO GOOD! I pretty much live in fitness clothes but the REI Co-op new spring line is my go-to lately. Plus even these Sydney lace plaid rain boots are super cute and functional. So, I can go get my acai bowl rain or shine!

Staying on Track on the Weekend

The weekend is a good time to relax and indulge a little more but for me, continuing to make healthy choices is key to keeping momentum with feeling well and hitting my goals. I always try to plan something active on the weekend and now that the weather is warming up, I make that an outdoor activity! It’s the perfect break from the gym. Think jogging, hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking etc.

This summer I also want to try glamping! I think camping might be too intense for me haha! REI has me covered for all outdoor activities! Their clothing is designed specifically for the elements and they have a 100% guarantee on their products!

Also, REI members receive amazing perks, but especially until 4/8, REI members get 20% off 1 full priced item and an extra 20% back on REI Outlet items with code MEMPERK2019 …Ordering new gear always gets me excited to get outside! This weekend we did a hike near through Arboretum Trails here in Houston. The Trailsmith Solid Shirt was super breathable and light, we enjoyed a few hours of fresh air and listening to the birds sing.

Staying energized is so important for me! I see you working long day too! I know you are busy and I know you need LOTS of energy to check everything off your to-do list! Make sure you take care of your body, take a rest, fuel properly and get outside! I want you to THRIVE and I hope these tips helped you!

Where do you excel with your wellness right now? Where do you think there is room for improvement? Let me know!

I’m excited to partner with REI because they promote an active and healthy lifestyle as well as donate millions of dollars to outdoor conservation efforts. They have a beautiful brand mission and I am happy to support them and proud to wear their gear! As always, opinions are my own :)

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