Got 18 minutes to kick your fat blasting into high gear?

You’re going to love these



you’re not afraid of pumping the cardio, there is seriously no better workout for ratcheting up your weight-loss than some good High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts.


Whether you’re doing the Strong & Sexy Body Method or have your own routine, the workouts in this little guide are sure to amp up your results, and have you hitting your fat-burning goals in no time.


The best part? These babies are FAST… and they keep burning fat long after you’ve finished your workout, because they are mega-efficient like that.

  • FAT BURNING POWER: Add them to your existing routine to boost its fat burning power
  • TIME-EFFECTIVE WORKOUTS: Blast through one on a busy day to get most effective workout possible in under 20 min
  • TURN UP THE BURN: Pair ‘em with some custom macros to really turn up the burn
HIIT Workouts

Just 18 minutes each, and they can be done anywhere – so there’s always time to squeeze one in.

And the second-best part? The whole guide is yours for under 15 bucks.

So… what’s inside?


My 4 favorite fat-blasting HIIT workouts to rotate into your routine and amp up your results


Different exercises to keep the variety flowing, and your metabolism cranking


HD videos (one for each and every move), so you look like a pro whether you’re working out at home or busting a move in the gym


The perfect addition to boost my weight loss results

I’m doing Paola’s full program (SSBM) and these workouts were the perfect addition to boost my weight loss results.

I replaced the original HIIT sessions from the guide with these and they have worked wonders. The circuits are pretty easy to do and they make you feel the burn!

Michelle Moji

They’re great for fat and weight loss

These workouts are intense and make you burn fat like crazy. They’re great for fat and weight loss.

The videos are very helpful and soooo convenient. All workouts can be completed very quickly, so for somebody who’s always busy like me, these workouts are perfect.

Johanna Shambaugh

These HIIT workouts are seriously worth the hype. If you’re ready to rock your most effective sweat sesh, you can grab them here…